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Document management is the most common component of an enterprise-content management-implementation. Our Document Management Specialists covers a broad range of technologies, including document and content capture, workflow, document repositories, computer output to laser disk and electronic-report-management systems, and information-retrieval systems. Web content management, record management or archiving and retention and document capture and imaging are related areas seeing more activity. The growth of unstructured content such as E-mails, images, and handwritten documents is a driver of enterprise-content-management adoption.

  • For the health-care industry our DM Specialists assisted in adoption of electronic patient records and storage of electronic images such as X-rays is leading hospitals and other providers to invest heavily in content management.
  • For the Public-sector organizations, with their reliance on paper forms, are a natural for content-management implementations. State and local governments are spending heavily on geographic information systems to let citizens use mapping-based applications, which depend on content-management systems to organize geospatial data such as topographies, addresses, and images.

We believe that the ROI assessments can become easier when enterprises begin to embrace the next phase of evolution: Information Lifecycle Management, a strategy for aligning IT infrastructure with the needs of the business-based on information’s changing value.

  • ILM is an ever-growing and evolving process. In order to realize the benefits of the ILM process, IT must continuously review the usage patterns of its storage resources and ensure adherence to policies and procedures.
  • Our specialized teams in DM/ILM are closely monitoring the advances in ATA and SATA disk; which will play an important role in helping IT administrators with ILM, giving them the ability to stage backups and snapshots inexpensively.
  • Software innovations around SRM and ADM have also increased the ability to identify data, classify data and move data to the proper location over time.

With a specialization in DM; Sumas Corp understand the importance of Content Management and successfully implemented strategies for a seamless integration of data and the content.

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