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Providing you a simple, state-of-the-art home entertainment solution where users are no longer tied to a coffee table cluttered with remotes. Around your home, adjust and control the lights either individually or collectively. Free your digital music collection and easily stream it to any room throughout the home.With its 40% reduction in energy use, the Aperion Smart Home exceeds the United States Department of Energy’s Build America Green Home requirements, and has been named a Masco Certified Green Home. It’s attractive, comfortable, cost-effective, and centrally-located. From there, families enjoy the convenience of technology from IBM, Microsoft, Regus, Whole Health, and others . . . which allows them to save time as they manage their daily work, school, financial, and health care activities. Touchscreens bring all theirpersonal information and community news into their homes.

Of course, the Aperion Smart Home is located near the community’s Life Center – providing easy access to the iHUB business space, schools, shops, restaurants, the hospital and doctors’ offices. Builders appreciate the way we’ve simplified the process because the energy-saving modifications are a series of easy-to-execute instructions on the blueprints. Even the leading-edge solutions (like carbon sequestration, demand side management, wind harvesting, geothermal options, fuel cells, and biomass) se simple steps. And the cost differential is minimal!

Project Description

How Aperion Works

The technical infrastructure for supporting and enabling the services in the Aperion SMART Home consists of components in the following locations:

We add the Aperion gateway, a windows based computer with specialized software, which performs the following functions:

1. Controls the devices (thermostats, HVAC, Security panels, medical devices, camera’s etc.) that are
connected to the home.

2. Acts as the gateway for the Homeowners interaction with:

  • The various systems in the home
  • The Internet
  • Services provided over the Internet

3. Serves up the Web pages the Homeowner uses to interact with the system to the following devices:

  • Television Set – A Universal Remote is used to navigate and a wireless keyboard when accessing the Web.
  • Tablet PC
  • Handheld control

Scenario 1: A group of Smart Homes are connected to a central server.

In this scenario:

  • Each SmartHome consists of a System (PC) loaded with software.
  • The PDA and/or the controlling device(s)  access the system via Wi-Fi.
  • Several devices and applications inside the home running thin clients are controlled with the PDA working in tandem with the PC.
  • Several home systems are connected to a central server through WAN.
  • The central server will be web-enabled, can be accessed trough internet.
  • Wireless Mesh Network provides the connectivity between HUB’s.

Cloud Computing Services

  • The proposed Cloud Computing Services are:
    • Energy Profile
    • Health Connection
    • Entertainment/Media
    • Business/iHUB Link
    • Education Connection
    • myCommunity Link
    • Online Services Link.
  • Initially we can plan to build a ‘Mini-Cloud’ consisting of basic smart home functions.
  • A Mini-Cloud can later be attached to ‘Main-Cloud’.


Energy Profile

  • Temperature Control
  • Link Energy Profile Settings
  • You determine the consumption level
  • Energy Consumption Trend Analysis
  • Pay Your Energy Bill

Education Connection

  • Link to Northwest ISD Website
  • Link to our Virtual Library

Business / iHUB Link

  • Schedule a Conference Room at our iHUB
  • Set up a Video Conference Call
  • Link to Regus Professional Services

Health Connection

  • View and Schedule Doctor’s Appointments
  • View Community Health Events
  • Track and Record Vital Health Data

Blood Pressure, Weight, Pulse

  • Send Health Data Securely to Your Doctor
  • Pay Your Health Premium

Entertainment / TV Control

  • Remote Control for TV, DVD and

Satellite/Cable Functions

  • Order Movies and Music
  • Control for Home Theater &
  • Surround Sound
  • Online Services Link
  • Link to World Wide Web
  • Online Conference Call Link
  • Online Photo Album Service
  • Receive Stock Updates

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