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With the use of this tool the Project Manager can allocate tasks to all employees. This option is not available for all employees only for authorized persons. Using this tool an employee who logs in can check the tasks assigned to him. He can view the pending tasks and their deadlines after completion of the task it will be automatically updated to completed tasks list and will be reported to the owner of the task who gives the task. Apart from managing tasks data sharing is also available.

There will be a tree view to see the list of the employees categorized by a project or a group like QA, design etc. After the allocation of task it will be automatically updated to the screen of the user to which it is allocated, added by an alert showing new task has come. The whole operations are menu driven too. Like we can select from the menu a Show Task link that will show the Tasks allocated and tasks assigned to him for a project manager.


  1. Allocating Tasks.
  2. Sending Messages.
  3. Sending Files.
  4. Communicate all employees.
  5. Shows Daily Scheduling.
  6. Shows Pending Tasks.


The Chat option enables the host and employees connected to a session to chat with each other by passing text strings. It allows two clients to carry on a conversation using a server as the intermediary. Clients are passing messages or strings to each other.

Shows Daily Scheduling:

This tool will shows or reports each and every employee’s daily tasks. Using this tool an employee who logs in can check the tasks assigned to him. There are two options available for him those are he may accept the task or decline it. If he declines the task, he must specify the reason and this will be automatically popped to Project Manager.

Shows Pending Tasks:

When a particular employee logs into his computer his pending task will show to him and for the project Manager selecting the option of ‘Show Tasks’ from File Menu will show all the pending tasks of the respective employees. After completing his/her pending task it’s automatically deleted form the list and informed to Project Manager the task is completed.

Sending Messages:

This is a good feature useful for communication between people working on the same project, which will be helpful to chat with each other. This chat feature is a kind of message board in which a single user or a group of users can chat together on a particular issue. Winsock control is used to check out the people who are online and also for the communication and data transfer to be happened between them. This is very useful to communicate with each employee. To send messages from one employee to another by the use of this tool. This is available for all employees including Project Manager.

Sending Files:

Any employee can send files and related documents of a particular project to other team members and management using the menu items. Again permissions and rights are taken into account. The person on the other side gets an alert indicating that a file sent by some one and a file dialogue will appear through which we can save it locally. A feature is there to share a file present in central location with out creating multiple copies and all the modification will be updated at a single location.

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