DataXchange is a web based content management system which is used to manage, archive and get different views of data for a consulting organization. This web application is an automation of the organizational process of the consulting firms throughout United States.

This application will make the work of HR, Sales and Marketing, Accounting departments easier. A dashboard in the application will give an overview of the daily activities. There is a powerful user friendly search engine to fetch records and change the order of rows and columns to view the data. This application will save, manage and retrieve data of the employees. Alert Mechanism is a reminder technique which pops-up when the user login to the application and sends an email regarding the alert to the concerned staff.


This application is divided into four modules

  • Admin Module
  • HR Module
  • Sales & Marketing module
  • Accounting Module

Admin Module

Users in this module will have access to the complete application. Admin will create users and assign roles to each user for HR, Sales & Marketing and Accounting modules. The deleted data and the old data will be archived into the other database with the same database schema. Access to this database will only be with Admin.

HR Module

The users in this module will save, update, view and generate reports of the employee’s information. When HR logs in alerts will pop up regarding the change in status of the employee, regarding the employee’s contract expiration, regarding passport expiry etc… The alerts will also be sent as an email to the HR and employee.

Sales & Marketing Department

The users in this department will have access to the resumes of the employees. All the resumes of each employee will be stored in a separate table. The new requirements will be added into the database. The resume matching the requirements will be searched for from all the resumes present in the database. If the candidate is successful in his interview then a Purchase order is been created between the client and the current company when a new purchase order is been created an automatic email will be sent to both the client and the current company. When the contract is extended then the existing purchase order will be updated with the modified details.

Accounting Module

This application is integrated with the QuickBooks Accounting software. The rate in the purchase order for that particular employee will be automatically loaded into the QuickBooks. QuickBooks is used to generate the payroll for each employee who will be stored in the Payroll table. These details will be used to pay the salaries to the employee. Depending upon the Purchase orders invoices will be sent to the clients which will be generated automatically. There will be reminders set when to send and invoice to the client and when to follow up with them.

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