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We believe that our strength lies in our people.

A career at Sumas means to learn and grow constantly, opportunities to work on the latest technology along side with the finest minds in the industry, competitive salaries, and excellent benefits. We offer challenging assignments, a world class working environment, professional management, and ample opportunities to train and learn, along with exceptional rewards.

A person’s professional skills and knowledge are emphasized by his personal and emotional well being. We strive to provide a climate that nurtures the holistic development of our associates.

At Sumas, you will not only have challenging work right from the beginning but will also be working with some of the most talented, brilliant, hardworking, and smart people in the industry. You will have a work atmosphere which is both tough and fun. Your work will revolve around interesting projects and prestigious clients, whose challenging demands will give you new skills, knowledge, and experience every day.

If you have an appetite for challenge, we have an exciting career for you.

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Sumas Corp provides a range of software and IT services across multiple disciplines and industries. Specialist in Enterprise applications, we work with recognizable industry names to support their business.

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