DataXchange is a web based content management system which is used to manage, archive and get different views of data for a consulting organization. This web application is an automation of the organizational process of the consulting firms throughout United States. This application will make the work of HR, Sales and Marketing, Accounting departments easier. A dashboard in the application will give an overview of the daily activities. There is a powerful user friendly search engine to fetch records and change the order of rows and columns to view the data. This application will save, manage and retrieve data of the employees. Alert Mechanism is a reminder technique which pops-up when the user login to the application and sends an email regarding the alert to the concerned staff.



Aperion Smart Home

Providing you a simple, state-of-the-art home entertainment solution where users are no longer tied to a coffee table cluttered with remotes. Around your home, adjust and control the lights either individually or collectively. Free your digital music collection and easily stream it to any room throughout the home.With its 40% reduction in energy use, the Aperion Smart Home exceeds the United States Department of Energy’s Build America Green Home requirements, and has been named a Masco Certified Green Home. It’s attractive, comfortable, cost-effective, and centrally-located. From there, families enjoy the convenience of technology from IBM, Microsoft, Regus, Whole Health, and others . . . which allows them to save time as they manage their daily work, school, financial, and health care activities. Touchscreens bring all their personal information and community news into their homes.


Communication Hub

With the use of this tool the Project Manager can allocate tasks to all employees. This option is not available for all employees only for authorized persons. Using this tool an employee who logs in can check the tasks assigned to him. He can view the pending tasks and their deadlines after completion of the task it will be automatically updated to completed tasks list and will be reported to the owner of the task who gives the task. Apart from managing tasks data sharing is also available.


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